Jacaranda Preschool Strategic Plan 2015-2019, “1. To provide the highest quality preschool education for our children in alignment with Quality Area 1 of the National Quality Standards and with a child-centric approach to teaching and learning.”(p10)

“Curriculum encompasses all the interactions, experiences, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development.” (p9) The Early Years Learning Framework

Parents require a safe environment, with a vision of Education, Nurturing, Community and Quality in which to confidently leave their children. This fundamental need of a parent is a prime concern of Jacaranda Pre-School. Jacaranda creates a safe, nurturing and positive atmosphere, a warm and happy place in which children experience an inclusive environment which promotes competence, independence, exploration and learning through play to develop a strong sense of identity.

Jacaranda’s safe, happy, nurturing and evolving environment promotes sustainable practices, resources and interactions to enable the child to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment

Teachers and educators of Jacaranda recognise that children can only be capable and resourceful when they are actively encouraged and supported to be so. Enabling children to think, act and create, so that a love of learning is facilitated by validating their experiences of success without pressure – “each child is supported to feel secure, confident and included” (NQS 5.1.3),

Jacaranda considers the child holistically, recognising the impossibility of the impact of one aspect of development in isolation from others without taking into account the interrelated nature through the child’s sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming through outcomes in identity, environment, communication, learning and wellbeing. (EYLF)

Children Learn

Through Engagement

Based on the theory that children learn through engagement with others and the physical world, children construct meaning through collaboration and communication with peers, adults and interacting with the environment.

The curriculum is designed through intentional teaching by teachers and educators who plan child centred experiences which emphasise children’s agency which foster a sense of accomplishment. As children are preparing for the next stage in their life from the moment they are born, Jacaranda’s school readiness programme is part of everyday life. There is no separate time of the day or year set aside for ‘school readiness activities’. Jacaranda’s aim is that children will make a successful transition to school and become contributing and comfortable members of the school community.

Childhood Professional
Teacher and Educators

Jacaranda acknowledges the need for early childhood professional teachers and educators who have a profound understanding of the theories of child development and appreciation of signs of development and learning and what they mean for the child. Quality, dedicated staff is Jacaranda’s greatest asset. It is only with committed and enthusiastic staff, Jacaranda can continue to fulfil the aims and goals which serve the community. An attitude of respect of the child’s abilities cannot be translated into effective practice without knowledge and understanding of the meaning of the child’s behaviour.

The family is the most powerful influence on children’s learning and development. It is therefore imperative the staff of Jacaranda operate in partnership with parents on behalf of their child. A reciprocal partnership can contribute to the parents’ picture of their child, and expand the professional’s picture of the child through sharing theirs.

Learning Through Play

“The child learns more though play than by any other means since at play he learns because he is personally involved in what is worthwhile to him and therefore the knowledge is more valuable since he gains from his experience.” J.Turner – Creative Play.

Intentional Teaching is a term used to describe teaching that is purposeful, thoughtful and deliberate (DEEWR,2009). Teachers and educators of Jacaranda focus not only what they are doing, but the thinking and the intention of their actions. Intentional or spontaneous decisions by teachers and educators on what they include and how they set up environments is inclusive, promotes competence, independent exploration and learning through play (NQS 3.2).

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