When do you start your School Readiness Program? – I hear you ask.

At Jacaranda, school readiness isn’t something that is programmed for Term 4, it is what we do every day from the day your child starts. School Readiness is much more than learning to hold a pencil or write their name, these are important, but School Readiness is also about being resilient, taking care of oneself and others, self regulation and learning the love of learning. We do this through a play based programme with highly qualified and experienced teachers and educators. Early childhood education is our passion which is evident in everything we do. Children deserve the best, and at Jacaranda that is our goal. Jacaranda will provide the highest quality preschool education with a child-centric approach to teaching and learning.

If you want to know more about School Readiness at Jacaranda give us a call on0295247068