We have a student from Wollongong Uni completing her prac with us. As part of her planning she brought in bees for the children to see and learn about. She shared her family passion of maintaining bee hives in an urban area. Not only did we get to see the clothes that she wears when dealing with the bees, she spoke about the bee intuition. Bees know when you are scared and react to your feelings. She told us how to act when bees are near by being calm and walking away. When a bee stings it dies which is sad for the bee population, especially when we have a world wide bee shortage. What a way to learn about sustainability.

Education is a two way street.

At Jacaranda we welcome students from high schools, Tafe and university during their practicum, work placement or work experience. Jacaranda also employs 3 trainees and has a Trainee Mentor to assist them with their studies. We enjoy sharing our passion and learning from each of the students. Sometimes we see that passion grow in a student, and other times we see that the student has realised that early childhood education isn’t for them. Whatever the decision it is the right one for the student.

Interacting with new people in a safe environment helps the children to build resilience and practice social skills that will be needed as they grow and leave preschool.